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Hey guys thats me Tierra "The Face" behind Thrifty Home Couture. I love home design, decor and like most women in the world I LLLOOOOVVVEEEE shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love yard sales, Thrift stores and The Goodwill, I love redesigning and decorating anything that has to do with a home on a thrifty budget......I'm in love with HGTV and DIY Channel!
I LOVE Family.......Travis my wonderful and supporting Husband
 my son Trey who is the best 9 year old quarterback in the world with the best Thrift Store eye ever and last but not least my partner in crime the 6 year old Thrifty Home Couture Shopper my daughter Tre'vyona.. 

That's why it takes Family and Friends to make a HOUSE into a HOME and not things!!!!!
Thrifty Home Couture is a Home and Lifestyle website that  provides valuable information regarding lifestyle and home decor tips as they become available.
Follow me as I do just that decorating not only our home but my family and friends home all while giving you thrifty step by step instructions to do so!!!!!!!