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"My Sisters Candles"

The name was inspired by your Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, and Friends..... each scent reminds me of them in some sort of way. I started with the (3) three candles my sisters and I burn all the time and will add more as they come available. You will  notice each candle has a nontraditional name, as you all know scent is tied to memory so I decided to name each candle after the first memory that comes to mind when I smell the scent.
The following scents Coming Soon

"Hot Tomalley"
Apple Cinnamon

"Night on the Town"
Honeydew Melon
A crisp cucumber and melon blend with a sweet hue in a 18 oz. jar. Lead Free Wick
"Time for Work"
Vanilla Creme
A natural blend of vanilla with a hint of smooth creme in a 18 oz jar. Lead Free Wick
"Domesticated Woman"
Bananas Nut Bread
Fresh Banana scent couple with a nutty spice gives you a warm oven baked Banana Nut Bread in a 18 oz jar. Lead Free Wick

Coming Soon
"My Sisters Body Icing"

This homemade Body Icing is good for dry and cracked skin. I came up with this product when my kids was diagnosed with eczema, and we ran out of options and treatments that didn't leave there sheets greasy or there clothes smelly. To get one of the 10 free samples email us at