Thrifty Home Couture       
I hosted Sunday dinner for 30 people at our home last week, and thought I could pull it off without found out really fast Sunday dinner for 30 people is certainly a family affair. I came up with a very southern menu, and allowed myself ample time to prepare it, but things don't always go the way you plan. This was family and friends day at  our home church and my mom was looking forward to the whole family showing up so we couldn't let mom down, so 4 hours gone spare ribs to soak, chicken had to thaw, and cabbage had to steam. With people arriving in 2 hours I needed to get some serious work done. My family and friends came right in and started helping, and I tell you what that was one of the best Sunday dinners I had in a long time. So Family and Friends day can be any day any where not just church or work it could be in your kitchen.


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