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I was recently in Pier 1  and saw some of the most beautiful napkin holders. We really don't need anymore napkin holders, but with the Fall Cocktail Party fastly approaching, I needed to find some cheap table dressing. From past experiences with party planning eye popping napkin holders and a eye catching center piece would be a great conversation starter.  The many colors and styles made me love FALL even more, but that beauty came with a price a pretty big one, and many choices. I couldn't find just one so I decided to make my own  for $2.12. I purchased all of the materials from THE DOLLAR TREE, yep you heard right THE DOLLAR TREE, and I tell you what not to sound cocky but it looks like the ones in Pier 1. I'll give you step by step instructions to create your own.
I purchased a 4 pack of plastic napkin rings, and 1 bundle of my favorite flowers "SunFlowers", try and pick a bundle with atleast 4 flowers so that you won't have to purchase so many bundles. I had a glue gun and glue sticks, but if you don't have one they sale them at THE DOLLAR TREE also. Start by pulling all of the flowers off the stem usually they come off very easy. Some bundles come with a wire stem and the flowers are glued or melted on the stem, a pair of wire cutters or a few back and forward bends of the stem will do the treat. Play with the flowes and make a few designs before commiting to just one design. Once you find your pattern or design start by apply a generous amount of glue on the napkin rings, apply the flower first hold it and apply pressure to the flower giving it enough time to stick to the holder/ring, apply the leaves and other accessories to your holder/ring making sure not to over do it.  and WA LA......... you have 4 Custom made napkin holder for
$ 2.12

1 Bundle of Flowers- $1.06
1 pack of 4 Napkin Rings- $1.06

TOTAL: $2.12

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