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I've been a decorating fool with all of this free time on my hand, but I've recently ran into a design dilemma with the kicthen island and the upstairs bathroom vanity. For the island I wanted to add beadboard and a butcher block countertop after seeing how great "Thrifty Decor Chick" island redo turned out.  Go see the results at Then I went to Home Depot to buy paint for my desk and ran into a couple who was painting his laminate kitchen cabinets, so that changed my whole plan...... Soooo I after much consideration  I'm still stumped about the island. The only thing I'm sure about is I love my White Cabintes and the Butcher Block countertops must be incorporated in this island redo.....AMERICA HELP!!!!!!

We promised the kids once we moved into the new house they could get a dog. That was over 14 months ago and they still remembered....OMG these kids don't forget anything (FOR THEMSELVES)!!!!! So after debating whether we should adopt or purchase from a breeder,we made a decision. Where would we start. For us it started with a phone call from a family member on Sunday evening, who had a friend who had a Lhasa apso puppy that she could know longer take care of. Sooooooo we adopted her and named her:

"Christian Dior"
I know Christian Dior is a big beats Max, Princess, and Te Te. She needed something fun and playful and it just popped. The kids enjoy every moment of her being here!!!! Well not every moment, Tre'vyona had a time adjusting to the new member, but she came around and poor Dior is being overwhelmed with love!!!!!!!
I've been picking up pieces for my Godsisters 29th Birthday party. The location she choose to have the event was... lets just say it was a less then desirable location, and required a lot of TLC , so with a "Thrifty" budget we transformed the location from drab to fab with just $119.00 I still can't believe it........ I usually don't post a topic without the before and after photos but this event was a WHOOPER for me it kicked my butt, and decided to let you all in on the smack down this BIG EVENT put on I had to step back and take a few deep breaths a couple of times, but the end results were so worth the headaches. We are waiting for the photos from the event photographer so that you all can see the work that went into this mass production for a 4 hour event.
I've been doing some thinking about the whole "Home and Lifestyle" business and what it means to me, and what I've realized is I'm not just in love with Home Decor but thrifty homemade beauty and health care also, so when a opportunity came knocking and left me to make some hard choices. I found myself in a stump. Do I start another chapter in the THRIFTY HOME COUTURE book or do I focus solely on THRIFTY HOME COUTURE? With this information in hand it's time to MAKE A HARD CHOICE! I'll keep you posted.
I've recently did some retail therapy and found the perfect chair for my master bedroom.
now  it needs some TLC, but the bones and shape is perfect. I started to redo the chair and realize my excitement had got the best of me, I had forgot to get some fabric to recover the seat cushion.
Sooooo, I'll have to do a Retail Therapy Part 2.....but so far I think it's looking goo 
I hosted Sunday dinner for 30 people at our home last week, and thought I could pull it off without found out really fast Sunday dinner for 30 people is certainly a family affair. I came up with a very southern menu, and allowed myself ample time to prepare it, but things don't always go the way you plan. This was family and friends day at  our home church and my mom was looking forward to the whole family showing up so we couldn't let mom down, so 4 hours gone spare ribs to soak, chicken had to thaw, and cabbage had to steam. With people arriving in 2 hours I needed to get some serious work done. My family and friends came right in and started helping, and I tell you what that was one of the best Sunday dinners I had in a long time. So Family and Friends day can be any day any where not just church or work it could be in your kitchen.
Hey guys I had the chance to experience what a Stay at Home does. When the kids were really young I had the opportunity to stayed at home with them, but I wasn't working a job that I loved so much, so it was easy for me to place my career on hold for the little ones. As I mentioned earlier in the week I had a little health issue that required me to take sometime off, which helped me to get some things together for Thrifty Home Couture and My Sisters Candles, also finish the drawn out summer packing, as well as finishing the Master bedroom decor. I had the chance to do homework, listen to the kids school stories, and have dinner early as a family, we had been talking about me staying home and going part time,  but I had a void that wasn't being filled and it hit me, YES I am a Mom just not a Stay at Home Mom!!!!!! I'm a 9 to 5 workaholic, deadline meeting, office coffee loving, patient complaint listening fool, that loves her job and coworkers...and besides I have know one to stay at home with or for........ You have a 24 hour Job and it takes a special person to do hats off to you STAY AT HOME MOMS!!!!!
I know I promised to give you the Crate and Barrel table transformation but I had a minor set back with the my health but I'm fine and back in business.... so here it is:
So as I stated in my past post regarding "The Goodwill Store" I purchased this table for $30......Go me Go me!!!!! I had been searching for months for the perfect kitchen table and a pedestal table was the perfect fit but a new table was not in the budget. We searched every where for a pedestal table and came up short, so as soon as the opportunity presented itself we jumped on it and haven't looked back. With all used things you have make it your own, this diamond in the ruff needed a little polishing and I was the right person to do just that...... To get started you will need the following to get started:

- Hand sander
-Low grid sandpaper
-(2) Two cans of the Rustoleum Spray Paint Flat or Stainer (Depending on what your trying to do)
-(Optional) A Old Glass Table Top.  Measure to make sure it will fit the new wooden table top without over hang.
Start by giving the table a even rub down to get the finish off allowing the stain or paint to adhere. Once your done with that dust away any dust left behind. Shake the Spray Paint in this case very well.....give the table a even spray down make current to do this in a well ventilated space such as outside and OPPS!!!!!! on a drop cloth.
after your done spraying the table go over it again or as many times as needed to cover the entire item. Let completely dry before moving it inside.
now for some people this may not be necessary, but my kids do everything at the kitchen table eat, homework, study, craft projects etc. so I decided to recycle my old glass table top and stoppers by simply placing it on top of the new wooden table for both style and everyday function. You have yourself a kitchen table for under $40.00



TOTAL= $36.00
I was recently in Pier 1  and saw some of the most beautiful napkin holders. We really don't need anymore napkin holders, but with the Fall Cocktail Party fastly approaching, I needed to find some cheap table dressing. From past experiences with party planning eye popping napkin holders and a eye catching center piece would be a great conversation starter.  The many colors and styles made me love FALL even more, but that beauty came with a price a pretty big one, and many choices. I couldn't find just one so I decided to make my own  for $2.12. I purchased all of the materials from THE DOLLAR TREE, yep you heard right THE DOLLAR TREE, and I tell you what not to sound cocky but it looks like the ones in Pier 1. I'll give you step by step instructions to create your own.
I purchased a 4 pack of plastic napkin rings, and 1 bundle of my favorite flowers "SunFlowers", try and pick a bundle with atleast 4 flowers so that you won't have to purchase so many bundles. I had a glue gun and glue sticks, but if you don't have one they sale them at THE DOLLAR TREE also. Start by pulling all of the flowers off the stem usually they come off very easy. Some bundles come with a wire stem and the flowers are glued or melted on the stem, a pair of wire cutters or a few back and forward bends of the stem will do the treat. Play with the flowes and make a few designs before commiting to just one design. Once you find your pattern or design start by apply a generous amount of glue on the napkin rings, apply the flower first hold it and apply pressure to the flower giving it enough time to stick to the holder/ring, apply the leaves and other accessories to your holder/ring making sure not to over do it.  and WA LA......... you have 4 Custom made napkin holder for
$ 2.12

1 Bundle of Flowers- $1.06
1 pack of 4 Napkin Rings- $1.06

TOTAL: $2.12


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