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With the Fall Party 4 days away I almost forgot a Wreath for the door, and with so many to choose from at the craft store and my budget getting lighter I had to really be thrifty, so off to The Dollar Tree I go...... I purchased all of my materials for just $5.30....can you believe it? I knew you would.... I'm the Thrifty Shopper for Thrifty Home Couture......ith a creative imagination and about 30 minutes you can have a Custom Chic Wreath on the Thrifty Budget!!!! The count down begins to the Big Fall Party.
Can you believe Fall is here, the crisp cool air the warm colors and scent....but I have this Fall party planned for October 2, 2010 as mentioned and I still have some loose end I have to tie up... My Good Friend Tonya "Hooper" is what I call her......she is going to kill me....but she is a life saver, She planned the perfect entertainment and fall drink menu so the biggest part of any party is taking care of. The "Hubby" has my back on decorations and fluffing is the only thing thats left, and your girl can handle that... I will keep you posted as the clock wind down wish me luck!!!!!!!!!
This is a extra special day....NO......week for me first it's the launch of Thrifty Home Couture website, then my son started 5th grade. I almost cried watching my lil boy walk into the school and not even act as if he was nervous....time sure does fly.... and the hubbie started school Coppin mini me start next Tuesday, the tears will start next week...... so here's to the Jordan family and all of you, taking on new projects!!!!!! 
I took on this project because a lot of friends and family needed help decorating their homes cheap....and after about 30 napkin instructions and hundreds of phone called from the fam!!!!! my son is going to kill me for that one.....and the fam's friends I said what the heck, I'll start my own site and give the people what they want INFORMATION!!!!! So people here's the info you've all been waiting for......ask and you shall We also brought this house that needed A LOT of cosmetic work, great bones and awesome neighborhood, it just needed a good cleaning, some lipstick, blush and mascara..... and with my hubbie working I needed someone to share all of my design transformations with......and why not share them with YOU!!!!


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