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Our New Addition 10/26/2010

We promised the kids once we moved into the new house they could get a dog. That was over 14 months ago and they still remembered....OMG these kids don't forget anything (FOR THEMSELVES)!!!!! So after debating whether we should adopt or purchase from a breeder,we made a decision. Where would we start. For us it started with a phone call from a family member on Sunday evening, who had a friend who had a Lhasa apso puppy that she could know longer take care of. Sooooooo we adopted her and named her:

"Christian Dior"
I know Christian Dior is a big beats Max, Princess, and Te Te. She needed something fun and playful and it just popped. The kids enjoy every moment of her being here!!!! Well not every moment, Tre'vyona had a time adjusting to the new member, but she came around and poor Dior is being overwhelmed with love!!!!!!!


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