Thrifty Home Couture       
Hey guys I had the chance to experience what a Stay at Home does. When the kids were really young I had the opportunity to stayed at home with them, but I wasn't working a job that I loved so much, so it was easy for me to place my career on hold for the little ones. As I mentioned earlier in the week I had a little health issue that required me to take sometime off, which helped me to get some things together for Thrifty Home Couture and My Sisters Candles, also finish the drawn out summer packing, as well as finishing the Master bedroom decor. I had the chance to do homework, listen to the kids school stories, and have dinner early as a family, we had been talking about me staying home and going part time,  but I had a void that wasn't being filled and it hit me, YES I am a Mom just not a Stay at Home Mom!!!!!! I'm a 9 to 5 workaholic, deadline meeting, office coffee loving, patient complaint listening fool, that loves her job and coworkers...and besides I have know one to stay at home with or for........ You have a 24 hour Job and it takes a special person to do hats off to you STAY AT HOME MOMS!!!!!