Thrifty Home Couture       
Design my Space 10/31/2010
I've been a decorating fool with all of this free time on my hand, but I've recently ran into a design dilemma with the kicthen island and the upstairs bathroom vanity. For the island I wanted to add beadboard and a butcher block countertop after seeing how great "Thrifty Decor Chick" island redo turned out.  Go see the results at Then I went to Home Depot to buy paint for my desk and ran into a couple who was painting his laminate kitchen cabinets, so that changed my whole plan...... Soooo I after much consideration  I'm still stumped about the island. The only thing I'm sure about is I love my White Cabintes and the Butcher Block countertops must be incorporated in this island redo.....AMERICA HELP!!!!!!